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2015 sees Early Adopters create "Digital Industry Networks" to Engage Their Target Markets

TechMarketer has been helping organizations establish and accelerate their online ability to fulfill business objectives from their target markets via the creation of a D.I.N. (Digital Industry Network).  A D.I.N. typically includes an interrelated set of social media sites, professional networks and corporate websites/blogs, that are under your control, custom designed to dramatically improve your organization’s digital ability to reach and engage with the people you want to do business with.

The participants of a D.I.N. are active professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge, connections, best practices and opportunities within a predetermined business segment – via online interaction and content sharing across multiple professional sites and channels. They have something in common, and that might be a shared vertical industry sector, or market segment, or geographical area, or industry pain point, or solution space, or trending industry topic, or any combination of the above.

A D.I.N. focuses on a target audience – predetermined and intended to increase relevance, conversation and likelihood of its members to engage in mutual business activity.  A D.I.N. that is under active management is the HOLY GRAIL OF MODERN BUSINESS, as it provides a controlled targeted audience accessible via multiple online touch points for various sales, marketing and business development purposes. TechMarketer's secret sauce is knowing how to design and grow D.I.N.s at light speed, with consistent quality and quantity. Please explore the D.I.N. framework and methodology via the button below.

The graphic above shows a client's performance before and after their engagement. Click for larger version. 

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Andy shares his experiences and ideas for effective content marketing practices within healthcare (see page 8 of CCO in FLASH version, or screenshot)

"Marketers need to be especially conscious of their role within the ecosystem, and look to influence, inspire and educate audiences where the value is appropriate and steer clear where their opinion isn't warranted"

Advanced Marketing Practices Infographic

TechMarketer has developed a summary comparison analysis of whether marketers from the B2B high-tech industry outperform other B2B and B2C organizations. 

See if you agree with the results:  

Infographic HERE.